American Flag Face Masks: Show your Patriotism!

As Americans, it’s been a difficult year if not a trying several years. Hopefully, we will now engage in a phase of mending broken fences. Regardless of one’s outlooks, I think as Americans we can agree that in order to move forward, we should set our conflicting points of view aside and heal on a national level.

While not everyone apparently has the same opinion about the pandemic, most people seem to agree to wear a face mask as a basic courtesy. At the very least, it’s a unique way to make a fashion statement. One trendy method to show your USA loyalty during these trying times is with an American flag mask.

Even if if you don’t happen to be concerned over coronavirus, facemasks are now fashionable and there exist other dangers, in addition to pollution for those of us who live in large cities. 2021 is the year to repair broken fences.