No introduction to Hawaii is really necessary. Simply put, it is paradise. What you need in paradise is a road map to all the best places.

Historical sites

Hawaiian Mission Houses, Honolulu, Hawaii

Located in the heart of downtown Honolulu, the Hawaiian Mission Houses is collection of three national historic landmarks where visitors learn all about the protestant missionaries and their influence on the native Hawaiians. A tour of this landmark includes seeing three historical houses, one of which is the oldest wooden building on the island that was shipped from Boston almost 200 years ago.

A visit to this incredible site will broaden your understanding of the interactions between the native Hawaiians and the missionaries. You will learn all about the architectural significance of the site as well, and you can come to a better understanding of the area’s 19th century culture, language, and history.

Iolani Palace

Driving is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience Hawaii, so you want to ensure you have comfortable car seat covers during each day’s driving. Of course, one of those days of driving must end at the Iolani Palace.

The only official royal residence in the US, the Iolani Palace was the home to the last reigning Hawaiian monarchy. Built in the 1882 by King Kalākaua, it was the epicenter of all political and social activity until the kingdom was overthrown in 1893. The two-story palace has been meticulously restored to its former splendor and provides visitors with an immersive experience that reveals the grandeur of the Hawaiian monarchy.

The first floor is comprised of a variety of public reception rooms. For instance, you can tour the Grand Hall, the State Dining Room, and the awe-inspiring Throne Room. To tour the private suites, you can simply ascend to the second floor. Here you will see the suites of the King and Queen as well as the Music Room. You will also tour the Imprisonment Room, which held Queen Liliuokalani for almost eight months following her government’s overthrow. The incredible architecture, artifacts, and furnishings make this site a must-see.


Turtle Canyon Snorkel Cruise by Catamaran, Waikiki

When it comes to cruises, the Turtle Canyon cruise mixes snorkeling, dining, and luxury. For instance, visitors can enjoy the sights as the catamaran sets anchor and allows you to swim in the calm waters where sights of sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins are common. In fact, because turtles are so abundant, if you do not see one you are given a complimentary return ticket. Other incredible sites include migrating whales, tropical fish, and Diamond Head.

To ensure you soak up all that nature provides on this cruise, snorkeling equipment as well as instructions are included. While on board, you will enjoy music, food, and drinks. You will also have the opportunity to take pictures of some of the most beautiful places in the world–including Waikiki and the Ko’olau Mountains.


Roy’s Hawaii Kai, Honolulu

When it comes to award-winning cuisine, for over a quarter century, Roy’s Hawaii Kai has been a staple for tourist and locals seeking the pinnacle in palate pleasures.

Appetizers are known as “first bites,” and they come in the form of cheesy herb butter flowing over rows of baked escargot. For the less adventurous, the cream of spinach soup or the steamed clams offer experiences in taste befitting of this tropical paradise.

Main dishes range widely but are all designed to delight. From roasted Mahi Mahi lathered in lobster essence to a plate of fresh diver scallops, diners can expect the absolute best from this restaurant that boasts six locations.

Azure, Waikiki

Most waterfront restaurants offer dining on the water. However, Azure–named after the eternally blue waters that surround the Hawaiian Islands–offers views of the water and the distant volcano peaks.

Although Azure features the traditional full menu and wine menu, what shines is the tasting menu. The tasting menu offers such delicacies as Ahi Poke Toast, prepared in squid ink and pickled mango. On the other side of this taste experience is white chocolate mousse, which is a study in how dopamine satisfies the deep recesses of the diner’s brain. In between are three other tastes, each delivered one after another in a series of dishes designed to amaze, delight, and satisfy. In what amounts to a five-course meal, Azure’s tasting menu is not so much a menu as it is an interactive dinner ride that you will not want to depart.


Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii

As this experience requires a bit of a drive, you will want to ensure you are situated on your car seat covers. This astronomy center boasts native architecture that mimics the volcanoes. Of course, a first glance reveals the conical shape of the volcanoes. However, via the feed of nearby telescopes, you can experience a luxurious view of planets, stars, and constellations up close, as it were.

Of course, seeing our solar system and the heavenly bodies beyond it can be awe-inspiring. However, at the Imiloa center, the vantage offered by powerful telescopes housed at the Maunakea Visitor Center is presented as a live telecast to an enormous screen, allowing people to sit in comfort and view the outer reaches of the cosmos.

Of course, the deeper significance of this experience is that viewing the stars from within the conical architecture transports you, metaphorically, into the heart of the volcano. In looking up at the cosmos–from within a metaphorical volcano–you are actually looking upward at the remnants of exploding bursts of lava.

In the same fashion that stargazing allows you to look upward into the beginnings of the universe, this type of architecture conveys the sense of being within a volcano, looking up at the explosive lights during the metaphorical birth of Hawaii.

Hawaii Tours You Will Want To Examine Would you like to take a vacation in the near future? If you would and if you have yet to choose a vacation destination, you will want to take the time to examine Hawaii. Hawaii is known as a popular vacation destination. One of the many reasons for that is because all that you can do and see while on a Hawaii trip. Although you do have a number of different options, you will want to take a close look at Hawaii tours. Before focusing on a few of the many Hawaii tours that you can take on your next Hawaii trip it is first important to focus on your overnight accommodations. As important as it is to plan out what you want to do and see while in Hawaii, it is extremely important that you first make your travel plans. These plans should include your airline reservations, overnight accommodation reservations, and possibly car rental reservations. In addition to having a number of different options, in terms of Hawaii activities and attractions, Hawaii is also popular among tourists as there are so many places for you to stay. When vacationing in Hawaii, your overnight accommodation options include hotels, vacation resorts, Hawaii vacation homes, vacation condos, vacation villas, and vacation apartment rentals. When choosing a Hawaii vacation home or another Hawaii vacation rental to book a stay at, you may want to take a look at your wants.

For example, if you are interested in enjoying the beautiful Hawaii beaches, a beachfront Hawaii vacation home or a rental with an ocean view may be your best option. Once you have made all of your Hawaii travel arrangements, including your Hawaii vacation rental reservations, you will then want to start focusing on what you want to do and see while on vacation. That is what is nice about Hawaii tours. They not only allow you to participate in fun activities, but they also give you the opportunity to explore a number of popular Hawaii attractions. For example, if you choose to rent a Hawaii vacation home on Big Island, you can enjoy a nice hiking adventure, while exploring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at the same time! Speaking of hiking, hiking is one type of Hawaii tour that you will want to examine. What is nice about hiking is that it is activity that many already enjoy and find peaceful. Depending on which Hawaiian Island you choose to visit, you may find a wide array of landscape and scenery. As previously stated, Big Island is famous for the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Additional views that you may enjoy on foot include scenic gardens and waterfalls. All Hawaii tourists are encouraged to take a Hawaii helicopter tour. Hawaii helicopter tours come highly rated and recommended. Although you are able to explore many parts of the Hawaiian Islands by car, foot, bike, or even ATV, some of the most beautiful areas are only accessible by air. Whether your next trip to Hawaii is intended to be a family vacation, a fun adventure with friends, or a romantic getaway, a Hawaii helicopter tour should be on your list of things to do in Hawaii. Hawaii boat tours are another Hawaii activity that you will want to examine. Many Hawaii boat tours are offered as one day chartered voyages or you can even take a dinner cruise off the coast! If you are interested in enjoying a fishing adventure or if you would like to sightsee in the waters, a charter boat tour may be your best option. When it comes to boating on the Hawaiian Islands, you will find that your options are virtually unlimited. The above mentioned Hawaii tours are just a few of the many that you will find available. Additional tours that may be of interest to you and your traveling party include Hawaii ATV tours, Hawaii bus tours, Hawaii submarine tours, and Hawaii horseback riding tours. As a reminder, if you have already booked a stay at a Hawaii vacation home or another Hawaiian vacation rental, be sure to examine Hawaii tours that are located near your Hawaii vacation rental, like your Hawaii vacation home. Doing so may be able to save you both time and money.

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